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Recipe Video Production & Photography

Our expert team of professional photographers, cameramen, lighting and sound technicians are led by Jacqui - one third of what makes The Gourmet Collective so special. 


With years of experience at the BBC and working independently, Jacqui produces high quality videos for commercial use.  From Pukka Herbs, Hewlett Packard, Disney, Yeo Valley, Bart Spices, Jamie Oliver, Cole & Mason and Asda to name a few - there is no wonder why she has won 3 RTS awards and received 3 BAFTA nominations for her work.

Whether you want a 15 second clip for social media use, or boomerangs, cinemagraphs, animations, product demonstrations or recipe video production, we can build a shoot around your requirements.  We have also built a number of food video production packages as a fixed cost solution to help you manage your budgets - each of these can be tailored to suit your needs through the use of our optional extras.

From locations to Home Economists, Chefs, food and props - we have it all covered if you need it.  Get in touch with us today for your free, personalised quote.

E-commerce Videos

A 360 degree view of your product

Use these videos on your E-commerce site to draw attention to your products.  We will make a video showing them rotating 360 degrees on a white base with a white background.  We can use several different angles, making the most of product branding, and edit it together to make a short 360 video that can be played on a loop showing your product off to its best advantage and drawing the eye. 

Micro Content

A cohesive mix of branded content for use throughout social media channels

An action-packed day of filming plus kinetic typography and music, to make sure you have a package of micro content for use across social media.  This could include: one 30 second promo for You Tube or Facebook, 5 Gifs for Boomerang or Instagram and up to 10 stills pictures for Pinterest.

Product Videos

Bring products to life for ecommerce and social media channels

I’m sure you know the stats – 85% of customers are more likely to buy something when there is a video showing the product than if there is a video-less site.  They are compelling stats but no good if you don’t use a production team that have the experience to make sure your product or range shows off every detail of its functionality, branding and looks at its best.

Event Video Production

Perfect for launch parties, conferences and live events

Not everyone can attend your live event, and a video is great at giving a taste of what it was all about.  We can film the whole event or presentation in its entirety, but what we find works even better is a more crafted highlights film to whet the appetite and make your viewers want to know more.

Explainer Video

Use motion graphics to tell a story

So - how does it work?  A simple but effective combination of graphics, stills, voice over and live action (or indeed entirely animation), Explainer videos depend on a good script to get across complex ideas or services so that potential customers understand how they will benefit.  We can write scripts, produce, edit and deliver the entire project, all with your brand at the heart of what we do.

Customer Experience Videos

Share your customer stories and let them explain your product's benefits

A happy customer is a very useful asset and can send a powerful message.  Trained and experienced in thoughtful interview techniques, we illicit the best from our interviewees.  Whether you are looking for a single interview or to film multiple people across different departments, locations or even continents, we can work with you to make it happen.

Piece To Camera

Speak directly to your staff & customers on your intranet, website or social media

This is a quick turnaround package that can be completed in under two days depending on where you are in the country and how quickly we can get to you.  We will put you at your ease, use autocue if you want it, and let you do as many takes as you need to in half a day. 

Short Business Documentary

Connect with your audience and get to the heart of your story

Humanise your business and make it come to life by making a short business documentary film about how it began, grew, expanded and how it continues making an impact on society.  Share your passion with the world.  Tell your story in live action, with an animated film either 2D or 3D, or a mixture of the two.

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Don't quite see what you are looking for?  That doesn't mean we cant or don't do it - drop us an email with your requirements and we will be in touch with a quote.